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EERI San Diego - A New Common-Origin Liquefaction Triggering Method - Kevin W. Franke and Scott M. Olson - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Sibley
That surface figure - very cool, Scott and Kevin!
Jorge Meneses
This webinar is being recorded. The link to the recording will be posted on the website of EERI San Diego https://sandiego.eeri.org/latest-news/
Scott Olson
Thanks, Erin!
Luis Gerardo Ribé arch. maif. HABITAT COMPANY GR
HI Earthquake is an release of a lot of energy. My question is. There's is a formula that considered the changes in temperature in liquefaction cases ? Thank you my best regards from Mexico.
Jorge Meneses
The Moss Landing Marine Laboraties that were damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta EQ due to liquefaction: https://sanctuarysimon.org/1990/01/loma-prieta-earthquake-1989/ had a first liquefaction study that identified liquefaction as a problem; the owner hired a different consultant who determined liquefaction might happen, but things should OK if you make the building stronger.
John Thornley
Thank you very much - great presentation!